The Tottenham Icons

A series of 13 metal-bound books each containing a detachable Russian icon and several pages of text in cyrillic. The 13th is different, containing no pages but instead a framed piece of very thin amber (the frame is adorned with very fine carvings that effect the eye strangely, like an optical illusion) . Shortly after looking though this amber lens John Leith claims to have seen an entity he calls The Raggedy Man.

4 or the 13 were sold to Stafford’s by Georgi Veselov with another 4 being sold to Hathaway’s Fine Books and 5 (including the amber icon) to Russell’s Books (who then sent them to auction at the auction house of Harold Bell).

The icons may have been found in Kalmykia, a province of Russia and seem to depict an invasion by Mongols who in the last few icons are horrifically destroyed by something coming from the sky. The names Tengri, Bai-Ulgan, Erklig and Erlik appear in the text. Tengi is central Asian Sky-God once followed by the Mongols, the other names are currently a mystery.

Investigations at the location the icons were thought to come from (a small, supposedly Russion Orthodox church in Tottenham) showed that the amber icon was probably mounted over a hole in the wall and then looked through.

The Tottenham Icons

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